Vasil Levski in literature

The figure of the Apostle is a big creative temptation. Hundreds of pages in the Bulgarian literature have been dedicated to Vasil Levski..

Lyuben Karavelov – “Gather together girls, brides” (1873)
Hristo Botev – the poem “Deacon Vasil Levski” (1875), renamed by Zahari Stoyanov to “The hanging of Vasil Levski”.
Ivan Vazov – the stories: “Among the windings” (1892), “The Apostle in danger” (1895), “The clear road” (1895), the short novel “Unloved and unwanted” (1895), the poem “Levski”.
Tsvetan Minkov – the novel “Vasil Levski” (1932)
Stefan Dichev – the novel “For freedom” (1954)
George Mishev – “The blue-eyed fisherman” (1958)
Yana Yazova – the novel “Levski” (1987)
Vera Mutafchieva – the short novel “The trial” (1972)
Magda Petkanova – the play “The Apostle of freedom”
Lyubomir Doychev – “Light on Levski” (1943), “The voivode and the standard-bearer” (1963), “On the trails of the Apostle” (1971), “Vasil Levski – the standard-bearer of freedom” (1973)
Zhechko Popov – “No sleep, no rest” (1986)
Konstantin Iliev – the play “Easter wine”
Stefan Tsanev – the play “The secret dinner of deacon Levski”
Radoy Ralin – the cinemanovel “I am Levski”

Foreign authors about Levski:

Alexander Stekolnikov – “Vasil Levski”, Moscow, 1958.
Mercia MacDermott – “The Apostle of freedom”, London, 1967.
Alfred Otto Swede – “Ambassadors of freedom”, Berlin, 1973.
Otto Emersleben – “The wind has many names”, Berlin, 1985.

Most detailed information about all the authors, works and articles in the press dedicated to Vasil Levski, published in Bulgaria or abroad, can be found in the bibliography “Vasil Levski”, published by Cyril and Methodius National Library in 1987.