Karlovo – town of National Revival

There are about 115 preserved houses in Karlovo, most of them built during the Bulgarian National Revival and turned into monuments of culture. Many of them are enormous, beautiful and functional. The builders, wood-carvers and mural painters from Karlovo create astonishing artistic models of the national Bulgarian architecture:

Historical Museum
The Historical Museum in Karlovo is in the building of the former boys school. During its centennial existence the museum has preserved hundreds of cultural objects from antiquity to nowadays. The visitors have an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of Karlovo and its region.

“Saint Nikola” church
In the old part of Karlovo are located two churches – “Holy Mother of God” (1851) and “Saint Nikola” (1847), Zoeva House and the reconstructed clock tower. The houses of Rayno Popovich, the sculptor Ivan Lazarov, Bouhalov Han (inn), the building of the Women’s association “Education”, etc.

Mazakov’s house
Mazakov’s house was built in 1840 by Hristo Popvasilev who was a teacher and a priest in Karlovo. In 1877 he welcomed the Russian army, which was the reason to be hanged in Plovdiv when the town was conquered by the Ottoman army for the second time. After his death the house was inherited by his daughter Elena, who married Stefan Mazakov – a volunteer who participated in the building of the monument of Vasil Levski in Karlovo. Nowadays the house accommodates an ethnographic exhibition of the Historical Museum – Karlovo.

Zoeva house


It accommodates documentary exhibition about the father of the poet and revolutionary Hristo Botev – Botyo Petkov.