You can buy publications about Vasil Levski and Bulgarian Revival when you visit the museum or if you order by post, phone or e-mail and they will be sent to you C.O.D.

“Vasil Levski. Documents”, “Vasil Levski” Bulgarian committee and “Cyril and Methodius” National Library.
The full edition of the Apostle’s documental heritage;
Volume II –price 50,00 BGN

“Bulgarian National Revival”collection.
A year-book of “Vasil Levski” Bulgarian committee – II to XVI volume: Ideas, persons and events from the Revivaldescribed in a number of essays, articles, documents, discussions, recollections, reviews;
price: from 4,00 to 10,00BGN

“Vasil Levski National Museum” – Karlovo
It contains texts about Vasil Levski, Karlovo, his family, his preserved belongings, letters and photographs, about the Apostle in fine arts, about his house of birth and museum in Karlovo;
price: 5,00 BGN

“The Apostle”anniversary newspaper.
It contains texts about Vasil Levski and his companions, about the museum and the family of Levski;
price: 1,50 BGN

“…And in the past, and today, and forever…Memory for the Apostle” collection.
It contains interesting and easy to be remembered pages, as well as the timeless words of the Apostle pronounced 150 years ago, numerous publications about him – from his famous contemporaries Karavelov, Botev, Vazov to nowadays.
price: 3 BGN – soft cover; 6 BGN – hard cover

Vasil Levski, Nikolay Genchev
Biographical article in English and German;
price: 3 BGN

Vasil Levski, Nikolay Genchev.
Second edition of the book published in 1987.
The famous scientist reveals once again the timeless historical significance of Vasil Levski through his ideas, audacity and civil heroic deed. In the second part is discussed why Levski has been chosen and canonized as a hero and a main martyr in Bulgarian history;
price: 15 BGN

“Vasil Levski – life, deed, sources” – new edition of D. Strashimirov’s book from 1929.
In the I volume are published the letters, the pocket notebook and other documents, written by the Apostle;
II volume includes the letters to Vasil Levski, correspondence between his contemporaries, memories and notes about the Apostle by contemporaries, as well as evidence collected by D. Strashimirov in the period 1923 – 1927.
price: volume I – 15 BGN; volume II – 20 BGN

“The Apostle of freedom”, Mercia MacDermott
Translation of the book by the Bulgarian scholar and doctor of historical science who was born in England – Mercia MacDermott.She describes in detail Vasil Levski’s life and deed in a fascinating way;
price: 10 BGN

“Vasil Levski and the resurrection of the Bulgarian nation”, Konstantin Kosev
In an interesting and easy way is describedVasil Levski’s contribution to the development of the national liberation movement;
price: 4 BGN

“New details about the ideological views and the activity of Vasil Levski”, Ivan Stoyanov
Ivan Stoyanov, a professor in history and a lecturer at St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo, makes an impartial assessment ofthe Apostle’s deed, as well as the controversial points of his personality;
price: 10 BGN

“Vasil Levski – recollections of Vasil Karaivanov, first cousin of the Apostle”, Peter V. Karaivanov
The book describes the life of Vasil Levski and of his close relatives, the foundation of the revolutionary committee in Karlovo, the reconstruction of the Apostle’s house of birth through the eyes of his contemporary and companion V. Karaivanov;
price: 12 BGN

“Levski in front of the Porte”, Doyno Doynov, Ognyana Madzhrakova-Chavdarova
It is described the trial in Sofia at the end of 1872 and the beginning of 1873. The book contains documents from the trial, as well as the domestic sources that give evidence about him;
price: 20 BGN

“Revival, donation and Bulgarian museums” collection
Collection with reports from the scientific conference dedicated to 70 years from the reconstructionsand transformation of Vasil Levski’s house of birth in Karlovointo a museum;
price: 5 BGN

“Bulgarian donation. History, present day and prospects” collection
Collection with reports from the National scientific conference “Bulgarian donation – history, present day and prospects”, dedicated to 130 years from Hristo Georgiev’s death and 105 years from Evlogii Georgiev’s death – the biggest supporters of Bulgarian education, culture and mentality;
price: 5 BGN

“Companions and followers of Vasil Levski” collection
Collection of reports from the National scientific conference in Lovech 29-30 May 2007;
price: 10 BGN

„“The first biograph of the Apostle”, Ivan Stoyanov and Ruzha Simeonova;
It describes two almost forgotten personalities who contribute a lot to be preserved the memory for Vasil Levski;
price: 4 BGN

“The first curator of the Apostle’s museum”, Dora Chausheva – bilateral edition
It describes two almost forgotten personalities who contribute a lot to be preserved the memory for Vasil Levski;
price: 4 BGN

“Vasil Levski. The Apostle of freedom”, Velin Argatski
Biographic article about Vasil Levski’s life and deed;
price: 3,50 BGN

“Apostle’s lessons” collection
It includes one of the best stories and poems for kids of authors like – Ivan Vazov, Hristo Botev, Lyuben Karavelov, Hristo Rudinski, Serafim Severnyak, Kamen Kalchev, Peter Stupov, Asen Bosev, Damyan Damyanov, Petya Yordanova, etc.
price: 5 BGN

“Levski in children’s eyes”, Ivan Stoyanov
The book is published under the project of Vasil Levski Museum – “Apostle in children’s eyes” and is a new attempt for a first introduction of the youngest readers to the personality of the Apostle through a fabulous story and many illustrations;
price: 2,90 BGN

“My first book about Vasil Levski”, PAN
This illustrated biography represents Vasil Levski’s life in a clearly and fascinating way. In the book are published many photographs, drawings and reproductions of paintings of Bulgarian artists.
It includes interesting fragments of literature works, dedicated to the Apostle;
price: 2,90 BGN

“Vasil Levski. PEOPLE ????”
In the publication is included significant part of the documents written by Vasil Levski;
price: 9 BGN

“History of the Bulgarian Revival”, Ivan Stoyanov
A book for university students, teachers and fans of history. The author presents all major issues from the historical development of Bulgarian nation in XVIII and XIX century. He makes an impartial historical assessment of persons and events;
price: 12 BGN

“Meeting with the Apostle’s family”, compiler Nadezhda Petrova
The book introduces the reader to the life of Vasil Levski’s close relatives and his immediate descendants;
price: 2,50 BGN

““Levski”, Yana Yazova – a novel
First volume of “Balkans” trilogy;
price: 24 BGN

“Collection. National liberation movement in Bulgaria” catalogue
In the collection are published the famous belongings and documents of Vasil Levski, of his companions, as well as of participants in the April uprising which are kept in the Regional Historical Museum – Lovech
price: 10 BGN

“Preservation of the national identity and museums in Bulgaria as part of the sustainable development” collection
Materials from the National meeting of museums “Preservation of the national identity and the museums in Bulgaria as part of the sustainable development” carried out in Karlovo and Kalofer on 7 and 8 November 2013. The edition includes a disc with presentations of the participants in the conference;
price: 15 BGN

“The text “Levski” collection –readings in own and different context”
Collection of reports from the International student seminar carried out in Karlovo on 18.07.2013 where participated students from several countries;
price: 5 BGN

“BSCC. Ideas and projects”, Ivan Stoyanov
It includes publications and an impartial analysis of the documents and the ideas of the Bulgarian Secret Central Committee;
price: 10 BGN

“Karavelov and Levski”, Ivan Stoyanov
He analyzes impartially and in a fascinating way the trial and the ideas of two of the greatest figures of the Bulgarian national liberation movement – Lyuben Karavelov and Vasil Levski;
price: 10 BGN

“Karlovo” Hristo Furgov

History andgeography dictionary;
price: 10 BGN

“In service of family and homeland”, Hristo Furgov
Impressions and memories of a soldier, a cadet, an officer candidate and an officer during the First World War -a first-person narration in a very fascinating way;
price: 10 BGN

“Foundation and activity of the Women’s association “Education”, Karlovo – Persons and events”
Ana Kuzmanova devoted significant part of her time to the educational and cultural progress of Karlovo and to protection of the historical monuments and traditions of Karlovo;
price: 10 BGN

“The clear road”
The edition includes selected works of Ivan Vazov about Vasil Levski and a chronicle about Apostle’s life;
price: 10 BGN

“Karlovo Municipality. History, culture, traditions”
Itinerary which contains information about Karlovo, Kalofer, Klisura and Banya
price: 10 BGN

Karlovo, itinerary
Itinerary in Bulgarian, English and Russian language;
price: 3 BGN

“My Karlovo”, Dechko Todorov
Autobiography of the famous artist Dechko Todorov born in Karlovo
price: 15 BGN