Short chronicle of Levski’s life

1837, July 6/18 – Vasil, the future Apostle of Bulgarian freedom, was born in the family of Gina and Ivan Kunchevi in Karlovo.

1852– 1858 – He becomes а novice of his uncle Vasillius Karaivanov, studies in Stara Zagora in a class school and attends a clerical training course.

1858, December – He becomes a monk in Sopot monastery “Saint Spas” under the religious name Ignatii.

1862, March – He secretly leaves Karlovo, goes to Belgrade and enrolls in the First Bulgarian Legion where he is named Levski.

1864, Easter – He casts off the cassocks, cuts his hair and gives it to his mother.

1864, May 6 – He becomes a teacher in the village of Voynyagovo, Karlovo municipality.

1867, April 28 – He comes back to Bulgaria as a standard-bearer of Panayot Hitov’s detachment.

1867, September – He joins the Second Bulgarian Legion in Belgrade.

1868, December – He goes to Istanbul by a steamship and in the beginning of January 1869 he starts his first tour of the Bulgarian lands.

1869, MayAugust – He undertakes his second tour of the Bulgarian lands.

1869, September 23 – He supports the establishment of the Bulgarian Literary Society (nowadays Bulgarian Academy of Science).

1869, late autumn – He participates in the establishment of the Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee (BRCC) in Bucharest.

1871 – In the beginning of the year he establishes “BRCC in Bulgaria” with its centre – Lovech.

1871, September – Vasil Levski participates in the preparation of the draft statute of the revolutionary organization – the so called “Nareda ….” (“Instructions of the workers for the Liberation of the Bulgarian People”)

1872, 29 April – 4 May – He participate in the first general meeting of the BRCC held in Bucharest which approves a Statute and a Programme of the elected Central Committee. Only Vasil Levski is authorized to represent BRCC in Bulgarian lands.

1872, July 1 – He comes back to Bulgaria and starts to propagate the adopted documents of the BRCC.

1872, September 22 -A robbery of the Turkish post office in Arabakonak takes place organized by Dimitar Obshti.

1872, September – It is established the first Regional committee in the village of Golyam Izvor, Teteven district.

1872, December 27 – Vasil Levski is captured in the inn of Kakrina.

1873, January 5 – 9 – He is interrogated by the Turkish special investigation commission in Sofia.

1873, January 14 – The commission justifies and proposes in its final report a death sentence of the Apostle which is sent for approval to the sultan.

1873, February 6/18 -Vasil Levski is hanged in Sofia near to the place of his present monument.