Vasil Levski in fine arts

The figure of Vasil Levski has been represented with a lot of agitation by almost all Bulgarian artists and sculptors.

Georgi Danchov was the only artist to know Levski personally. Later he created three oil portraits (one of them unfinished) and three lithographs, based on his memories.
Later, portraits of Levski were done by: Nikola Mihaylov, Vasil Stoilov, Georgi Cherkezov, Kiril Buyukliiski, Boris Angelushev, Peter Valchev, Ruska Marinova, Tsvetana Shtilianova, Zhechko Popov and others.
In the art of sculpture, many Bulgarian sculptors were inspired by the Apostle, such as: Marin Vasilev (the monument of Levski in Karlovo), Zheko Spiridonov (the bust sculpture of Levski in Varna), Yordan Krachmarov, Ivan Lazarov, Lyubomir Dalchev (the monument in Veliko Tarnovo), Vladimir Ginovski (the bust sculpture in Borisova gradina in Sofia) and others. During the last few years monuments of the Apostle were built in many Bulgarian towns and villages, as well as in Washington, Bucharest, Buenos Aires and Thessaloniki.

Monument in Borisova gradina, Sofia

Monument in Lovech

Monument in Sofia

Monument in Veliko Tarnovo

Different events from the Apostle’s life are described in the literature works of Boris Angelushev, Nikola Kozhuharov, Vasil Stoilov, Kalina Taseva, Sergey Ivoilov, Ivan Petrov, Dobri Dobrev. Detailed information about the artistic representation of the Apostle’s figure can be found in the book “Vasil Levski in Bulgarian fine arts” by Zhechko Popov (1976).