Visiting this page either with set purpose or by chance,

You will be given the opportunity to gain interesting information about Vassil Levski’s home, relatives and deed. Here you can see some of his preserver belongings, letters and documents as well as read about his unique destiny. It offers a great chance to get closer to what was left and reminds of the remarkable life-work of the Apostle of freedom. You can try to look deeply in the great mystery of his life: how in those difficult times of slavery his strong character, perseverance, human stamina and determination never faded away and combined with his revolutionary ideas and acts turned him into the most significant person in Bulgarian history.

We thank you for this Internet visit and would like to invite you to see the real house of Vassil Levski in Karlovo so that you feel all this much stronger and clearer. Enjoy its unique atmosphere!

Dora Chausheva

Director of Vasil Levski National Museum – Karlovo

Пътеводител "По стъпките на Апостола"